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 Value Pack for Encore Headsets
Value Pack for Encore Headsets

 2.5mm Headset Adapter
2.5mm Headset Adapter

 Mute Switch
Mute Switch

 HL10 Automatic Phone Handset Lifter
HL10 Automatic Phone Handset Lifter


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Model # 05091-00

Plantronics Earpiece Kit for Aviation Headsets

MS50 Earpiece kit (6 sizes) for aviation headsets. Read More

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Model # 10757-00

Plantronics Background Noise Suppressor

Compatible with Supra, StarSet, and Mirage headsets. Plays an important role in clear transmission. Attaches to the end of the voice tube, reducing background noise so your caller can hear you clearly. Read More

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Model # 15729-05

Plantronics Supra Foam Ear Cushions (1 Pair)

1 pair of black standard foam ear cushions for Supra (H51, H51N, H61, H61N, P51, P51N, P61, P61N) or Encore (H91, H91N, H101, H101N, P91, P91N, P101, P101N) headsets. Ear cushions should be replaced ever...Read More

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Mfg. List Price: $4.95

You Save: $1.00 (20%)

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Model # 17593-01

Plantronics Voice Tube for Supra / Mirage Headsets

Six wildly colored voice tubes that can be changed easily. Colors include Outrageous Orange, Passion Pink, Serene Green, Peaceful Purple, Cool Blue, and Clear. Voice tube should be replaced if the ti...Read More

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Model # 17876-02

Plantronics Headband Stiffner Kit

Adjust your Supra headband to a snug custom fit with the Headband Stiffner Kit. Color: Black. Read More

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Model # 18015-01

Plantronics Supra Binaural Headband

Genuine original equipment replacement headband for headsets that need field refurbishment. This item is for Supra headsets that have receivers for both ears. Adjustable to fit comfortably. Read More

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Usually ships in 5 days

Model # 18093-01

Plantronics StarSet Classic Style Clear Voice Tube

The Classic VoiceTube for use with the Plantronics H31 Starset, H41 Mirage, H51 Supra, and H61 Supra Headsets. Voice tube should be replaced if the tip becomes clogged or damaged in any way. For bes...Read More

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Usually ships in 24 hours

Model # 18095-01

Plantronics Voice Tube for Aviation Headset MS50

As a vital part of your headset, the voice tube should be replaced if the tip becomes clogged or damaged in any way. For best performance, routinely replace Voice Tube every six months. Read More

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Mfg. List Price: $19.95

You Save: $1.24 (6%)

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Model # 18709-01

Plantronics Plug Prong to Modular (PJ327) Adapter

Two-prong adapter to make your modular jack headset compatible with plug-prong jack-equipped telephones or PJ327 jack consoles....Read More

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Model # 24316-01

Plantronics Microphone Windscreen for Supra Noise-Canceling Headsets

Protects and extends the life of the noise-canceling microphone....Read More

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Usually ships in 8 weeks

Model # 24460-01

Plantronics Clothing Clip for Mirage Headsets

For the H41 and H41N Mirage headsets. Attaches to headset cord, keeping your headset stabilized and comfortably in place. Easily adjustable for your convenience. Read More

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Model # 25640-01

Plantronics StarSet VersaTip Ear Piece Assembly

VersaTip Ear Piece Assembly is a one size fits all replacement ear tip for all StarSet headsets. Most StarSet repairs can be avoided with proper eartip maintenance. Eartips should be cleaned daily an...Read More

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Model # 26609-02

Plantronics Battery Door Kit for M12 Adapter

Battery door and side cover kit for the M12 Vista adapter....Read More

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In Stock

Model # 26716-01

Plantronics U10 Coiled Cord to QD Modular Plug

Coiled cord connects any H-Series headset with Quick-Disconnect plug to compatible Plantronics amplifiers, or phones with compatible headset ports....Read More

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In Stock

Model # 27019-03

Plantronics Y-Adapter Trainer Kit

Y-Adapter Trainer Kit with Mute & Quick Disconnect works with M-12 and P-10 amplifiers and all H-Series headsets. (Both headset users can listen but only one headset user can be heard.) Read More

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In Stock

Model # 27190-01

Plantronics Polaris Direct-Connect Headset Cord

Polaris replacement cord. Quick Disconnect to male modular plug. Plantronics Polaris headsets with Quick Disconnect are for use with phones that have built-in amplifiers and volume controls - No externa...Read More

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Model # 27708-01

Plantronics Mute Switch

Mute Switch allows you to Mute your voice while still hearing the caller. Connects conveniently to your headset's Quick Disconnect connectors. Compatible with all M10 and M12 amplifiers. Read More

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Model # 28959-01

Plantronics Computer Soundcard Cable to QD

The computer audio telephony (CAT) cable lets you connect your office telephone headset to any computer equipped with a soundcard. The cable terminates in two standard 3.5mm mini jacks. Read More


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Model # 29362-02

Plantronics P10H Plug Prong Adapter

Connects your operator console, PBX, or ACD to Plantronics headsets. Comes with handy Quick Disconnect feature and 10-foot coil cord. Includes a high gain amplifier. Read More


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Mfg. List Price: $132.00
Regular Price: $100.76

You Save: $47.21 (36%)

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Model # 29814-02

Plantronics Ear Cushion Kit

This ear cushion spare kit is for the following headset models: FreeHand, H132N, H131N, CAT132, CHS132N, M140, and M145. These replacement open-cell foam ear pads are for most lightweight portable headphones...Read More

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136 Items / Page: 1 of 7
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